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Make your own Tivaevae

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Tivaevae Collectables is working with Tivaevae artists to help people reach their dream of hand sewing their own Tivaevae.

Ina believes the meditative benefits you receive in the process of sewing a Tivaevae is nourishment for the soul. It is your own art you can leave for years, returning when you need that grounding or reminder of home. Many people share that it makes them feel more connected to their island / family. That to wrap yourself in a Tivaevae is like getting a hug from mum. 

From the Island of Mangaia (the oldest Island in the Pacific) Cook Islands most southern Island.  Mrs Eliezera Tini (Ina's feeding Mother) taught her everything there is to know about sewing and cutting Tivaevae, with the kikau broom ensuring every cut or stitch was done to a high standard. Ina senses a strong connection to her ancestors when she works on Tivaevae, (Ina's grandmother is from Rimatara, Tahiti) and feels this also fine tunes her talent.

We can custom make you a pattern and colour. Below is just a taste of what she can do.