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Special offer – 1m x 1m embroidered tivaevae


A super special offer

Buy this beautifully embroidered tivaevae cloth for only $45 – reduced from NZ$95.

This versatile 1m x 1m tivaevae embroidered cloth can be used as a tablecloth, cot cover, baby wrap, feature wall hanging, curtain or display cloth. As with all our new generation of tivaevae, they are hand appliqued cotton with just enough polyester to wash and iron easily.



tivaevae by tivaevae collectables
This versatile tivaevae makes a beautiful curtain
Applique embroidered hibiscus tablecloths
Our embroidery is of the highest quality


Available in a variety of colours. Email tivaevae@oyster.net.ck to place your order. Postage to NZ is free!